MyMac Podcast #493 – Oh iPod, we hardly knew Ye!

Sponsored by OWC
Both GMen are sick this week, well more so than usual so please excuse the occasional cough. So the iPod has dropped more than 50% year over year in sales. Will Apple start pruning or will it be kept around for sentimental reasons? Guy and Gaz have their favorites and which ones they would dump and how they would change some of them to be more relevant today. Don’t forget to send in your GMen bumpers to have a chance to win in the 500th podcast contest!

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OWC Product link
Link to a funny cartoon
Guy’s App PickAuria LE, a multi-track DAW for iOS. $24.99.
Gaz’s App PickKonvert IOS App $0.99 or £0.66 nice little conversion App also trying out Heyday a day to day journaling App.
People’s Pick: From Eric Stone RamDiscCreator