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What is the Stoplight Network?

Back in 2010 Tim Robertson, owner of started the StopLight Network by combining the podcast, the TechFan podcast, and AppMinute into a new podcast network. Since then the network has grown to include twelve different shows as of this writing with more on the way. While the network started with a tech focus the podcast lineup now includes podcasts that cover movies, storytelling, and music. New shows are released on an almost daily basis. A listener could be listening to at least one Stoplight network show or more a day on his/her device of choice.

Some of the shows in the current lineup include:, TechFan, International Film Podcast, Three Geeky Ladies, The Nintendo Club Podcast, and Track Talk.

Stoplight Network Stats:

•Average Podcast Length: 45 Minutes
•Average Podcast Downloads: 7,000

Listener Profile:

With such a wide range of topics in the Stoplight Network the listener base is huge. From tech fans, to Moms and Dads, to teenagers, to music lovers and gamers. We’ve got you covered. Your promotions will be hitting the ears of a wide audience.

What You Get:

A thirty-sixty second spot on the show/shows of your choice. Choose the show/shows that you feel work best for your product/service.
A thanks you mention at the end of each podcast.
A link to your website in the show notes for each episode sponsored.

A ton of listeners listening to your ads as potential customers.

If you want to run a promotion for our listeners you are welcome to do that as part of your spot.

The Price:

$450/4 episodes of 1 show – In other words, it costs $450 to sponsor a specific podcast and every 4 episodes of that podcast. Many podcasts are weekly, but others might have a longer amount of time between episodes. For $450 you will have your promotion read on 4 consecutive episodes of that specific show. Want to sponsor more shows? You are welcome to sponsor as many shows in the network as you want and as often as you want.

Our preferred payment method is PayPal, but we also take checks and money orders.

Contact information: Fill out the form in the “Advertisers” tab on or email : and someone will be in touch ASAP.


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